The Culling 2 will be retired after a disastrous launch

Xaviant Games will return the money to the fans and they will focus on refloating the first installment.

A little over a week ago we welcomed with surprise the launch of The Culling 2, the second installment of a battle royale that premiered in its unanticipated edition at the end of 2017. The public reception was immediate with a demand from the leading market for its absence and a reception of criticism in the analysis of Steam users little less than dire. Before that tessitura Xaviant Games has made the decision to withdraw the game from the market, return the money to its few buyers and return to focus on the original release.

Josh van veld, director of operations of the study, has given the respective explanations in a video, asking first of all apologies to users for the movements agreed by Xaviant Games after the launch of the first The culling. In this sense, he has recognized that The Culling 2 it was not a worthy successor to the battle royale predecessor. In addition, as explained before, the development team will put all their efforts in the Day One version of a The Culling that happens to be available from free form in the respective digital bazaars.

In addition to PC via Steam, The Culling 2 was released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 commercial platforms at a price of 19.99 euros / dollars.

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