Tethered, PlayStation VR strategy developed by former Evolution Studios

Secret Sorcery is the name of the new team, which will debut with a virtual reality game.

A game starring beings called Peeps is the new production of Secret sorcery: Tethered. It is a strategy game in which you will have to manage the resources of the protagonists in order to protect them from their inevitable confrontation against beings who will only think of devouring them at nightfall. The threat is extinguished when the first rays of sun fall at dawn.

The creative director of the company, Alan McDemott, has been in charge of speaking on the official PlayStation blog of the new video game that he is developing with his colleagues, all former de Evolution Studios: “We have not sought to recreate reality in our first title, because we think that we have already traveled this path for years with games like WRC, MotorStorm or Driveclub. Now it will be possible to go much further with the exciting appearance of virtual reality ”.

The artist claims to have been inspired by the works of Ghibli. They have had the help of Kenny young in music, known for putting his talents into works such as LittleBigPlanet or Teraway. The development team is made up of 15 workers at present. Tethered is expected to be available for testing at the imminent E3 2016.