Tequila thinks that Rime's development "will be a happy ending, that's what counts."

The Spanish game will be taught again early next year. One of the most desired pieces since 2013.

The boss of Tequila, Raul Rubio, had an interesting chat with the foreign medium GamesIndustry. In it, he talked about RiME, the long-awaited adventure video game presented in the already distant Gamescom 2013. Do you understand the expectation generated by the users and the concern around the product? "We understand it perfectly. If it is delayed (even if only in your mind, since it has never had a release date), you tend to think 'wow man, they must have problems'. Then rumors appear. People say that when there are smoke there is also fire, but there are times when when there is smoke, there is only smoke ".

blond assures that "as a player I understand it. You expect something, you want to play it and you can't. You must find an explanation", and reiterates something that he already commented in the past: Rime taught himself ahead of time. He commented that "in hindsight it was probably too early to show the game. Not because it was a disingenuous or real trailer (it was real game) but sometimes when the player sees something on the screen they think it is final. It has nice graphics. It must be finished. But it's not that simple. Game development means you spend a lot of time polishing the product until you get it done. "

In Tequila "We are trying to be very clear about what Rime is, and when we show the game early next year, I think people are going to like it," he confessed. At the end of the interview, he offered his optimistic point of view on the end of the development of the expected video game: "I am sure that the adventure will not only have an ending: it will have a happy ending. And that is what counts."