Tequila: "We shouldn't have shown the Rime trailer at Gamescom 2013"

The Spanish team talks about their relationship with Sony and the shadow of the cancellation of the video game.

Very interesting interview in the IBTimes medium to Tequila Works and its CEO, Raul Rubio, who have chosen a foreign medium to talk about RiME, the most anticipated Spanish production at present. The artist explained that "we started in 2013 and we had a very clear vision of Rime. When we started adding more content and people started playing more and more, we thought that the game should be a very specific thing and not give in to others. ideas. I think it was at the end of 2015 that we had the opportunity to take back Rime's intellectual property rights and we decided it was the best decision we could make. "

What has been due to the lack of content in recent times? Rubio makes an unpublished confession to date about his presentation in the already distant Gamescom 2013: "The reason why we have not shown anything in the last two years is very simple: we announced the product after having worked on the titles for a few months. We did not show more of the video game because it was too early to show anything. We shouldn't have shown the Rime trailer at Gamescom 2013. " Rubio is clear about the launch: "We will only allow people to play when it is fully finished. We have no shitty excuses like 'it's a work in progress, don't worry, it will look better in the future.'

It's not Shadow of the Colossus, it's not The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, it's not The Last Guardian: it's Rime Gray Box, their new editors, Rubio explained that "we had a great, long presentation ready. So 30 seconds after it, they said 'stop. Let us play the game.' They played Rime and he spoke for himself. That's why we like them. as partners. They do not treat you like the classic editor who looks down on you. They always try to help us with their point of view. I remember that this is a personal project, it is something that requires to be a single thing. It is not Shadow of the Colossus, It is not The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, It is not The Last Guardian: it's Rime ".

Of course, it was time to talk about Sony and the recovery of trademark rights. When asked about his former partners and the possibility that the Japanese might try to change the Spanish product, Raúl recalled that "we are still in a confidentiality agreement, but the relationship between us is good. It is not about making a different video game, it is about to offer a vision befitting Rime. It's all. " Was Rime in danger? Could it be canceled? Rubio is clear: "All projects run the risk of being canceled, including those that go perfectly. Was Rime in danger? Yes. Is he now? No." Regarding Tequila, he assured that "the absence of divas in the study is alarming. We are proud of it."

All projects run the risk of being canceled, including those that go perfectly. Was Rime in danger? Yes. Is it now? No Regarding the game's improvements, Rubio guarantees that Rime "has improved a lot. It's not that it has dropped in graphics, it's the opposite. In playable terms the same. We present the world, the island and its rules. We have very physical mechanics, so you can explore the island, where you can climb, jump and interact with its inhabitants. You can do things with your shadow and the shadows of the rest of the elements, which have an effect on the world itself. As a player you need to learn things like that the light and sound will have different effects here, so you'll have to learn it. Everything seen in the trailer is in the game, maybe better now, but the mechanics are still there. "

The launch of Rime was recently dated for next year 2017. It remains to wait for the Madrid studio to specify details about the launch to know when we can play the title on our consoles.