Temtem faces the final stretch of its new financing campaign

Those who participate in it will have access to its alpha testing phase in November.

After raising nearly $ 550,000 in its successful Kickstarter campaign, the promising Temtem is now facing the final hours of a new funding period that allows fans to become early adopter of this long-awaited RPG adventure inspired by the Pokémon saga.

Those who join the project at this time by betting on the Deluxe Edition will receive access to the alpha testing phase of Temtem that will take place in the month of November. Thanks to the success of this RPG developed in Spain, the video game is scheduled to be released on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

If you participated in the original campaign, you can also update your status to enjoy the various extras that Temtem offers with its more advanced editions, with the option of getting a stuffed animal or a figure. The alpha will only be available on PC.

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