Temtem closes its campaign reaping great success

The game has managed to multiply by eight its initial goals.

Last June, Temtem's crowdfunding campaign amply demonstrated the interest of players in a game very similar to Pokémon and with MMO overtones. The fundraiser has concluded with great success, raising $ 574,939 of the $ 70,000 originally requested. Temtem will come true, and not only that.

Such a generous fund will allow the Spanish studio Crema to fulfill all additional goals proposed on Kickstarter, in such a way that it will have a Nuzlocke mode —a higher difficulty and with numerous modifiers—, mounts, a clan system or even a tournament functionality, among other things.

Temtem is expected to be playable in November for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Even with the Kickstarter campaign closed, it is still possible to get a copy of the game and its extras from the same website.