Tekken 7 will add fighters from other franchises through DLC

With Akuma, the villain of Street Fighter, there would be three crossover fighters in the game.

There are no great details about the future guests at the Harada Y Bandai namco, but the mere confirmation is already welcome news for any enthusiast of the genre: the editor has confirmed that Tekken 7 will feature two new fighters from other fighting franchises in its future DLC.

The first will arrive with the winter downloadable content of this year; the second will do the same in spring 2018. For the summer content a new game mode (of which there is no news yet) and some 50 new suits for the protagonists of the software. Each extra character will debut with a special stage.

Although they are included in the season pass, Bandai namco specific that, as usual, can also be purchased separately. Tekken 7 premieres in Xbox One, Playstation 4 Y Pc the next June 2nd.

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