Team 17 denies "bribery" allegations by Microsoft

The person in charge of the study affirms that the causes of the agreement are merely promotional and friendship.

It seems that the temporary exclusivity of Xbox 360 on Alien Breed Evolution has raised the complaints of many players of Playstation 3 and PC, coming to publish in some cases that the study had been "bribed".

Martyn brown, head of Team 17, has flatly denied allegations of bribery leveled at his company by certain PS3 users: “I understand. It's complicated. Obviously we would like to launch all our games on all platforms from day one. " In any case, he adds: "we have been accused of having been bribed by Microsoft, of having accepted their money, and that is stupid."

The causes of the agreement according to Brown are purely promotional and friendship: “The reason is that we have a long relationship with Microsoft. We get along well. In exchange for this exclusivity we get a lot of promotion. Our deal with them is very close. It's our way of working."

Brown regrets that PS3 users are angry, but explains that there is no reason for it, as PSN also has other exclusives such as Super Star Dust or PAIN, and nothing has happened.

“If we were an independent publisher we could get it out on all platforms. But the assured sales thanks to its promotion on Xbox Live Arcade are reason enough. This is not about someone bringing us money in a suitcase. Things don't work that way. It would be great if it did! "

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