It will take time to know about Respawn's Star Wars

The creators of Titanfall announced the project a few months ago.

After the excellent Titanfall 2, Respawn Entertainment embarked on a new Star Wars adventure alongside Stig asmussen, ex of Sony Santa Monica and recognizable for his work on the franchise God of war. About the project, which is hardly known beyond its own existence, no new information is expected soon.

In fact, it has been confirmed by Respawn in a new entry on their official website Titanfall: “Stig Asmussen is leading an independent team that has been quietly working on our Star Wars video game. This project is still secret and we will not talk about it for a while ”.

Electronic arts has turned to the franchise Star wars: studies like HE SAYS, Visceral or own Respawn They have launched into the development of video games based on the science fiction series. The publisher's bet coincides with the return of the saga to theaters, so a fruitful union is expected for both parties.

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