Symmetra, one of Overwatch's less popular characters, is getting changes soon

In November, Blizzard will introduce modifications to this support heroine.

Jeff Kaplan, one of the main thinking heads behind Overwatch, has spoken with the Business Insider portal, about the shooter of Blizzard to make clear, once again, that they are not idly in the well-known study.

Symmetra is by all accounts one of the least used characters in the action title, and Kaplan is looking for a boost in the popularity of that heroine. "A character whose powers are merely situational is not something we want. So even though we can justify why it happens, that does not mean that we believe that everything is in order."

According to Kaplan, the backup heroine is on "ready" to take a look and investigate her possibilities, with "significant changes" in her functioning promised in November.

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