Clues emerge about Blizzard's unannounced fifth game

The studio is looking for staff to work on an "action game with an explorable world."

The ResetEra community continues its research campaign of Blizzard, one of the most opaque studies there is when it comes to talking about their projects. Studying his list of job offers - one of the most common sources to deduce what may be brewing on his computers - the forero Nirolak has found evidence of what would be his fifth unannounced project so far.

The mysterious game would be an action title with explorable and deep settings, as it is implied in the two positions offered right now: one for art director, and another for senior designer. Nothing has been found to suggest whether it will be played in the first or third person. As the user who has collected this information points out, given that they are very important positions, it is likely that we will not see anything of the game for several years.

What about the other four games Blizzard is working on? Although we don't know their names, we do know that two of them are for mobiles; another is a Diablo game (probably Diablo 4) and the last is a competitive first person shooter that will feature monsters and vehicles. As a final note, we remember that these kinds of projects can and do change in nature during development. In fact, Hearthstone was born from a new project related to The Lost Vikings, while Overwatch emerged from the ashes of an MMO.

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