Take to the skies with Above, a narrative adventure about aviation

It will be released on PC and consoles in early 2019.

The independent study Mighty moth has presented ABOVE, a narrative adventure for PC and consoles that will put us at the controls of a plane, with which we will take to the skies while helping those in need in a world flooded by waters.

In the shoes of a young and heroic pilot, Above will allow us to perform a wide variety of aerial stunts while we overcome missions of all kinds in an adventure that will show the humble beginnings of the protagonist, in a fishing village, until its heyday, discovering a dark plot in which a sect of assassins is immersed.

There are several factions to deal with and monsters to fight in a video game that will also allow us to customize the plane, to adapt it to changing game situations. Attendees of PAX East in Boston will have the opportunity to enjoy a first version of tests with Above. The video game is scheduled to release in early 2019.