Alleged images of a new PlayStation 4 Slim appear on the network

Many are the sources that agree on the appearance of the new Sony machine and its existence.

Although the first images of the console emerged from unknown origin, now it has been the American Wall Street Journal that has ensured that its sources guarantee the presentation of two new Playstation 4 at the event that Sony is preparing for next September 7 in New York. As usual in news of this nature, the Japanese have neither confirmed nor denied this information, so it is very likely that the confirmed PlayStation 4 Neo A Slim version also accompanies it.

The supposed new Slim would have leaked in a big way, showing its box and packaging. There you can see that the platform would be 500 gigs and that it would be accompanied by all the usual elements in the purchase of a Playstation 4i.e. wiring and Dual Shock 4. The hypothetical console would be narrower and a few centimeters lower, but it has not been specified if it would have technical innovations in its guts as Microsoft did with its recently released Xbox One S.