Supermassive present Bravo Team and the Inpatient for PlayStation VR

Sony has also released Star Child and Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV among others for virtual reality.

The games of virtual reality have had their space in the Sony conference and among them, stand out the new projects of the authors of Until Dawn, the team of Supermassive games, who are committed to first-person action with Bravo Team, a title where we guide the steps of an elite squad in their fight against terrorists, and the promising The Inpatient, a horror video game, prequel to Until Dawn, in which we explore a gloomy psychiatric hospital set in the 1950s.

Square Enix has also released Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, a PlayStation VR title in which we must catch, fishing, various sea creatures. In the company of Noctis and his friends, we will explore new scenarios in search of prey while overcoming various challenges.

Another of the most striking titles has been Star child from Game Trust, a beautiful 2.5D platform adventure that will allow us to explore an enigmatic science fiction world. The ads don't end there. The independent study Polyarc has presented Moss, an action adventure starring a mouse that we will guide through a colorful fantasy world.

Sony has confirmed that No Heroes Allowed! VR, one of its titles developed in Japan, will be launched in the West on a date to be specified, while SUPERHOT VR in its version for PlayStation VR goes on sale in summer.