Super Bomberman R improves its FPS at the cost of resolution

Doubling the FPS of the Nintendo Switch exclusive has not been easy for Konami.

The Digital Foundry portal has analyzed the changes made by Konami in its Super Bomberman R, the puzzle and action video game starring the mythical hero of Hudson. The title has managed to double the frames per second of the video game, something unconventional in current times, but the British page has concluded what has been the method carried out by the firm to achieve this goal: lower the resolution of 1080p to 720p when connected to the base.

It was not the only change made: the version of the game without being on base has also passed 720p to 540p to reach the new speed. This is good news for fans who prefer a more stable game, but it is curious that Konami I have not added any way to change the present graphical option in the Nintendo Switch video game. Super Bomberman R has not stopped being updated since its premiere in stores on March 3 along with the new Nintendo console.

They are not the only improvements added to the game: a new difficulty selector has also been added, new settings for the camera and new guest characters from other mythical Konami franchises such as Gradius, Castlevania or Silent Hill have been added.

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