Summer Lesson: "You cannot imagine how expensive it has been to animate its protagonist"

The new video game from the creator of Tekken for PlayStation VR will allow us to give reinforcement classes to a student.

Hikari Miyamoto will be one of the protagonists of the launch of PlayStation VR in Japan. She is the protagonist of Summer Lesson, the new virtual reality video game from Bandai namco for Playstation 4, which will hit stores alongside the device in Japan.Even though another female lead was seen in the past, the game will hit stores with Hikari alone. Harada explained to the Play-Asia medium how difficult it is to make a character like this for a project like this: "I think you are not able to imagine how expensive it has been, in terms of money and time, to animate Hikari and each of their expressions. "

Harada said that there are big differences between developing a character for a conventional video game and one for virtual reality, and more so in a case like Summer Lesson, in which the conversation and interaction between player and protagonist is everything: "The distance Between you and the character and the mentality behind it is totally different. When someone stands in front of you sometimes it is a somewhat tense situation, and that is something that must also be taken into account when creating the game. "

"We have to consider how the player looks at Hikari and from what angle and how Hikari will react. From certain angles we may think 'wow, Hikari is very cute from here', but from another angle we can even see how long her eyelashes are" , he guaranteed, "it must be a form of acting acting in real life, so we need more realism, something that takes time." Will arrive in Japan next October 13; No release date has been set for the title in the western territory yet.