Street Fighter V fixes most of the problems with its servers

Capcom promises to continue working to optimize the online in this fighting game.

After several days in which it has been really difficult to enjoy the online facet of Street Fighter V, Capcom has just reported that most of the game's server issues are now fixed, but they promise to keep working to optimize the online experience for their latest fighting game.

The Japanese recognize that "there is still a long way to go" for the online experience to be as desired, but in principle players should be able to play games online without too much trouble. "We know that there is still a lot to optimize and that not everyone has enjoyed the same gaming experience," they point out from Capcom.

Since its launch, the team led by Yoshinori Ono has made improvements to the matchmaking system as well as fixed some bugs, such as the results of a match not being uploaded correctly to the servers. You can check all the improvements in this link.