Street Fighter V could release nearly 7,000 challenges in a month

A leak points to this, although Capcom has not yet specified how many tests there will be in the Challenge Mode.

In March comes to Street Fighter V the Challenge Mode, and with it about 7,000 challenges if we pay attention to a recent leak that shows screenshots of some of the tests we will be subjected to.

Although it is confirmed that this new game mode will be available next month, Capcom He hasn't gone into detail about how many challenges await. However, browsing your user profile you can see a list with 27 different challenges that seem to be the same for all fighters.

The point is that it would be necessary to overcome them all with each fighter, who are 16, facing the rest of the contenders. Therefore, the total would amount to 6,912 challenges.

In the history of Street Fighter V this kind of leaks have ended up being true, although it should be noted once again that the Japanese have not offered specific details about this new game mode.