Street Fighter V will feature a "cinematic" story mode

It will arrive in June for free. Before launch, there will be playable individual storylines.

Three weeks after its official launch, Capcom has announced today in detail what will be the characteristics of the History Mode of the expected Street Fighter V. On the one hand, as soon as it reaches the market, the title will have the possibility of playing individual stories of each character. This facet will serve as an introduction to a film expansion scheduled for June for free.

The objective of the first part of the story will be to reveal the background of each fighter in the adventure, as well as their role in it and their relationship with the rest of the characters. This title features will enjoy a very recognizable artistic style, the work of Bengus, a famous Japanese illustrator who has worked on several previous projects in the franchise.

As we said, for next June the story will receive a kinematic expansion. Its price? As stated in a press release, it will be a free download for all players. Likewise, its plot will take place between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III, connecting the events that occurred between both installments of the series. "This is the first time in franchise history that fans will be able to play this kind of cinematic story experience in a series title," they explain.

After completing the individual facet, consisting of the aforementioned story mode and other extras, users will be able to obtain Fight money with which to acquire a new character and possibly more depending on the skill level. Capcom's objective is to have the game store ready to coincide with the first content after the game's premiere, scheduled for March, and thus give users time to accumulate this particular currency.

Finally, the Japanese publisher will launch on January 30 and 31 the fourth and final beta of Street Fighter V.