Street Fighter 5 will receive its first additional character in March: Alex

Capcom also confirms that some last generation Arcade Sticks will be compatible with their new fighting game.

Alex debuted in the series with Street Fighter III.

A few days after the release of Street Fighter V, Capcom just confirmed that fighting fans won't have to wait long to land the first bonus character in the game. It will be in March, and the name chosen is Alex.

Nothing else has been said about him nor have they published images or videos that show how he looks in this highly anticipated fighting game. We remind you that like the rest of the additional content in Street Fighter V, players can get Alex using real money or game time.

Alex made his first appearance in the classic Street Fighter III published in 1997. From there, we have seen him in other games such as Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike or the more recent Street Fighter X Tekken.

On the other hand, the Japanese have confirmed that arcade sticks officially licensed last generation will be compatible with Street Fighter V.