Street Fighter 5: March Update is dated and free character

It will include Challenge Mode, the replay option, the in-game store, and much more.

Capcom has announced the launch date of the great Street Fighter V update that was scheduled for March and that we now know will appear specifically on the 28th and the 30th, since it is divided into two parts.

The first one will bring with it the Challenge Mode, the option to replay the game online and the Trials mode, as well as many improvements and bug fixes. The second part will bring with it the in-game storeas well as the free addition of Alex, a new character. By following this link you can take a look at all the news that the update will bring.

Alex, let us remember, will be part of the elements that can be unlocked with the title's in-game money, while those who wish to get hold of it by paying with real world currency will have to wait until the implementation of Zenny: the currency that will serve these purposes. .