Street Fighter 5 specifies release plans for its DLC

There will be a new fighter every month except for June, when the expansion of the story mode will be released.

Capcom has announced the release plans for the DLC of its promising Street Fighter V, which will receive a new fighter every month from March until the first wave of additions to the main roster of this fighting title is completed in September.

The first additional character to confirm their presence is the classic Alex, which will be available in March. Along with it there will be improvements in the game's lobby system so that we can meet up to eight people, with whom to talk while we enjoy other combats. The virtual store from which you can buy special content for the game will also be ready.

In June there will be no new fighter, but the history mode of Street Fighter V for free. By completing this story mode with each character we will unlock special costumes among other extras.

Already in September the sixth and last character of this first wave of additional fighters will arrive, although the Japanese promise "more updates" from then on.