Stranger Things will have virtual reality experience for PS VR

It responds to the name of Stranger Things: The VR Experience and is intended for the PS4 VR device.

It often happens that when a film or television phenomenon is released it is accompanied by interactive products in the form of video games. Stranger things It is one of the fashionable entertainment with the recent premiere of its second season, and if we recently presented you with its mobile video game, now we do the same with something totally different.

Is about Stranger Things: The VR Experience, a title intended for the device PS VR for PlayStation 4 that invites fans to "feel the fear of the Upside Down World", that is, the name given to the alternative dimension that terrorizes its protagonists.

It has been presented with a brief, half-minute teaser that does not provide too many details about what it will offer or when it will be available.