Stardew Valley launches multiplayer on PC in early August

Later it will also be available on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

ConcernedApe has announced that the long-awaited multiplayer update of the excellent Stardew Valley in its PC version will be available on August 1, so from that moment, fans of this farm life simulator will be able to share adventures with other players.

Still without a specific date for Stardew Valley multiplayer on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4, the independent creative Erik barone has highlighted that players will be able to marry other people by building a wedding ring. It will also be possible to increase the level of difficulty, boosting the profits that they will obtain with the production of the farm while also increasing the challenge.

Each player of the four who can share adventures will be able to live in their own cabin and work together to fulfill the objectives in mining, fishing, agriculture and more. If you are new to the ConcernedApe video game, in our Stardew Valley review we will tell you why it has become a hit with fans of farm life simulators.