StarBlood Arena: "Virtual reality is fucking awesome"

"Eventually it will end up being yet another way to play video games."

In WhiteMoon Dreams are developing the promising StarBlood Arena to PS4 in order to take advantage of the virtual reality technology of the Sony game console. One of its managers has spoken about it with the Pure PlayStation portal.

“My personal opinion is that the VR it will eventually end up being yet another way to play video games. It will not end the traditional game, it will simply be another tool for video game studios in order to tell exciting, deep and fully interactive stories ”, explained one of those responsible for the study. “As technology gets faster and smaller, there will be new ways of experiencing entertainment that will be presented to us and virtual reality will continue to be with us in the same way that video games similar in style to titles continue to be created from the era of 8-bit”.

“Developing for her, playing it, dreaming about this technology at night… It's fucking amazing. There are not enough images or conversations to do justice to what it is like to put on a helmet for the first time, ”he added. “We have all sorts of crazy ideas, and if we end up having cross-platform support we'll go for it. But the most important thing for us is to build an amazing experience first, and Sony he has been an amazing partner in this regard. "