Star Wars Battlefront will show the potential of virtual reality according to Sony

Days ago they already advanced that the cinematographic character of this title, about which little else is known.

Its development was announced just a few days ago but it seems clear that Star wars battlefront is going to become one of the great technical exponents of virtual reality that Sony prepare with PlayStation VR. At least this is what one of the executives of the Japanese firm believes, who recognizes that this will be one of those titles that will make this technology something really attractive for fans.

"Star Wars Battlefront is going to be one of those games that really shows gamers what it means to be in a virtual reality world," says Sony Interactive Entertainment Vice President of Marketing John Koller. "It's very special. And just because it's being designed as a virtual reality experience, it's going to be very different from the PlayStation 4 game," he adds.

So far the type of game we are going to find is not known for sure, although from the beginning the cinematographic nature of the work has stood out, also described as "a virtual reality experience". New details related to this project are expected to be released in the coming weeks.