Star Wars: Battlefront 2 "was a great game," says EA CEO

"Thanks to the studio's continued commitment, Battlefront 2 is now a solid game."

The CEO of Electronic arts, Andrew Wilson, has spoken with its shareholders today, explaining different circumstances about their games and brands. Between the different clarifications about the success of Apex Legends or the realization of how many games Anthem has sold, Wilson has not hesitated to talk about Star Wars: Battlefront 2.In a statement rescued by Gamespot, the businessman has given his point of view about its controversial premiere and the efforts made by Electronic Arts to turn DICE's software into a product that fans like.

"Battlefront 2 was a great game," Wilson said. "We made a few mistakes in the context of monetization and progression that clouded what was a really great game. With the studio's continued commitment to the community, Battlefront 2 is now a solid game that its players hold dear. We want it to continue. being that way and keep doing it well. " He acknowledges, however, that "we should have made Star Wars: Battlefront 2 like this from the beginning, but we are a learning company, and we have continued to support the game and the community."

The premiere of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was moved in its day: it was accused of taking unfair measures against the user to motivate users to access microtransactions. During the following months, HE SAYS Y EA they set about improving various criticized areas of the title to improve its reception. It can be played on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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