Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Coming to PS4 May 23

Star Ocean is celebrating its anniversary: ​​it celebrates it with the re-release of one of its best installments.

Square enix just announced that Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is coming to Playstation 4 the next may 23. Players of the current generation of consoles Sony They will be able to take advantage of functions such as trophies, shared use or remote play for this title, originally released in Playstation 2 more than ten years ago.

Star ocean is a mythical role-playing franchise from Enix. Work of Tri-ace, the company released the original video game on the Super Nintendo in 1996; Over the past few months, its publisher has celebrated the franchise's 20th anniversary with various events, and the premiere of Till the End of Time is one of them. Its launch will be made exclusively in the digital territory.