Star Ocean 5 introduces us to Lilia

Square Enix also tells us about the new private actions system that will debut this role-playing adventure.

The Japanese of Square enix have shared new details related to their long-awaited Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness for PlayStation 4 and PS3, focusing this time on the enigmatic character of Lilia, a 12-year-old girl who has no memories or feels emotions of any kind.

During the course of this promising role-playing adventure, Lilia decides to join the group of heroes led by Fidel and Miki, as it seems someone is chasing her. However, the young woman will not be a selectable character like the rest of the adventurers we will meet, but will play a more secondary role, supporting her allies using her special powers.

On the other hand, Square Enix has also told us about the new system of private actions that will intervene in the conversations of Star Ocean 5, allowing us to enjoy special sequences based on the degree of affinity that we share with our colleagues. And they will have such importance in the development of the game, that in some cases we can even unlock new skills and special characteristics of the characters at the root of these talks.

Logically, based on our responses, the degree of affinity of our colleagues will also vary, who may be more united or detached to our cause. These special conversations will take place automatically in specific points of the mapping, and also in the towns, where we will have to look for the key areas where these conversations will take place.