Star Ocean 5 arrives in North America in late June

There will be a special "Day One" edition with various additional content.

Square enix has confirmed that the role-playing adventure Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness for PlayStation 4 will launch in the North American market on June 28, and will do so with a special "Day One" edition that will include interesting rewards for those who purchase the game in their first bars.

This special edition will give access to several in-game items with attractive bonuses for our heroes. See the case of Ring of the Valkyries, which will increase the rate of damage and critical hits of our heroes, or the Gold Bunny Statue, which will allow us to gain more experience in less time.

Another of the extras will allow us to use the music of the role-playing adventures Valkyrie Profile in the intense battles of Star Ocean 5. A curious addition that has allowed us to know that in Square Enix they already think about Valkyrie Profile 3, although at the moment it has not been its development made official.