Square Enix explains Hitman pre-order overrides on PlayStation 4

Editor settings have confused users. The game continues with the scheduled date: March 11.

If you are one of the PlayStation 4 users who has reserved Hitman, the new adventure of Agent 47, you may have received a message from Sony with the cancellation of the reservation. You should not be scared: it seems that it has been a matter of some changes that he has made Square enix in the store those who have brought the PlayStation 4 system has alert users of the aforementioned changes.

Square Enix wanted to reassure the staff with a tweet from the official Hitman account: "If your Hitman reservation has been canceled do not panic: the release date is still March 11. We are adjusting some things and will update in the next days". It has not been specified what will be the changes that are being adjusted in the editor, so it will be necessary to wait for news.

The reserve is expected to return in the next few days. The new Hitman debuts next March 11th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.