Spider-Man: Recreate the intro of the 90's series with the PS4 game

Fans begin to dedicate their work to the Spider-Man game from Insomniac Games, the protagonist of the Sony conference at this E3 2017.

The Russian fan Vladimir Saenko has published on his YouTube channel a video in which he recreates the intro of the mythical Spider-Man animation series from the nineties with footage of the new title of the wall-crawler signed by Insomniac.

The series, produced by Fox, lasted five seasons and had 65 episodes that adapted some of the most important sagas of the character in the pages of the comic. Many fans remember the production fondly, and the new PS4 title promises a unique experience to put players under the mask of the character.

Spider-Man will once again swing in his web among the skyscrapers of New York exclusively for PlayStation 4 next 2018. Don't miss the new gameplay trailer of the game presented at E3 2017.