Spider-Man: Trailer Winks for Marvel Fans

The recent game announcement of Marvel's iconic masked hero is full of nods to comic book fans.

After watching the extensive new trailer for Spider-Man, it is clear that Insomniac Games he is pampering his game. Not only to make it a great game player-friendly title, but also to excite discerning Marvel fans.

In the footage shown at E3 2017 you can see a multitude of details, some quite hidden others somewhat more obvious, which have their origin in the most recent comics of the North American publisher. This new Peter Parker adventure for PS4 will be the most current translation to the official chronology of the Marvel cartoons that has been carried out to date.

We present a selection of winks that Insomniac Games has strategically placed in the new game video, so that the marvelitas feel at home at the controls of the console.


Your friend and neighbor Spider-Man The return of Spider-Man to consoles is a version of the Spider-Man that stars in the current comics published by the publisher. In the comics Peter Parker is no longer a teenager, but a thirty-something who presides over his own technology company, in true Tony Stark style. And in this game we will have a mature Spider-Man, over his 20s and at the peak of his career as a masked vigilante. Will Parker Industries have their space in the game?


The suit and gadgets Parker's current status as an industry mogul is also reflected in his role as a superhero. Marvel updated the character's costume and added new gadgets to its arsenal. New types of cobweb or the network trap that we have seen in the game are its best examples.


The arachnid sense The novelties in Spidey's repertoire of abilities don't make the classics go out of style. The arachnid sense will have a great importance in the mechanics of the game. It will notify Peter, and the player, of when to counter in fights or press a button on the controller during quick events.


The humor As important as the web launchers, or the iconic mask, is Peter's sense of humor. We see him talking non-stop in the comics, jumping from one panel to another while dodging all sorts of deadly dangers, and from the little we've seen of the game it seems like it will also make us laugh while we play.


Kingpin Wilson Fisk is one of the earliest, unmasked faces known to Marvel fans to appear in the trailer. The first part of the footage takes place in the construction of the Fisk Tower, a setting present in the comics. This villain is in prison during the plot of the game, as we see in the video call, but that does not mean that his actions are no longer important in this new story.


Yuriko watanabe The Police Captain Spidey communicates with during the demo is a new character recently introduced by Marvel in the official continuity. In the comics she hides a secret: Wearing a team of classic Spider-Man villains, she is the vigilante Wraith. This is a heroine who violently punishes criminals in New York. Will we see his alter ego in the game?


Mr. Negative The villain protagonist of the trailer is one of the new great enemies of Spider-Man in the comics. He is a character with a double personality, on the one hand the philanthropist Martin Li, on the other the super villain Mr. Negative. His powers make that when he touches someone he changes his personality towards his extreme position. What will happen to Peter after that happens?


The Inner Demons The masked mobsters that Spidey crushes in their fights are Mr. Negative's underlings. The origin of this group is in the triads and it seems that they will be the most numerous rivals in the game. By the way, doesn't the mask you wear in the game remind a bit of Venom?


Spider-Man does not kill! The character has changed a lot during all these years, but one of the constants of the character is that Spider-Man does not kill. Have you noticed that in the game how Spidey rescues an enemy with his net, preventing him from falling into the void after a fight?


The Daily Bugle The iconic newspaper where Parker worked as a photographer also has his nod. An advertisement for the Daily Bugle newspaper can be seen on a billboard above a city building. We'll see if the game is still J. Jonah Jameson his charismatic director, or on the contrary Insomniac adjusts to the continuity of the comics and decides to promote "Robbie" Robertson.


F.E.A.S.T. Project Martin Li's charity from the comics is also mentioned in the trailer, and in promotional material for the game during E3. That it was actually a front to set up a recruitment system for the Inner Demons only makes it more interesting. How important will it be in the history of Insomniac?


Osborn Every so often Norman Osborn, and his Green Goblin identity, reappears due to the editorial adventures of Spider-Man, increasingly unbalanced and dangerous. In the adventure material we see a political billboard with the character's surname. Will Osborn be the mayor of the city? Do you mean that Osborn won't be the Green Goblin in this game? If there's an iconic Spider-Man villain, it's him… And may Doctor Octopus forgive us.


Hotel Ellie Jude A remarkable wink. A minor location that appears in some vignettes of the comic 'Amazing Spider-Man' number 665, of the North American editorial chronology. And the best sample of how far Insomniac has studied the original material.


Amazing Fantasy N.15 This comic has a special meaning for all Marvel fans. In it, Spider-Man appears for the first time. By the way, did you notice the helicopter license plate in the trailer? AMF N 15. At the height of a Stan Lee cameo.


Miles Morales The great trailer for Spider-Man E3 2017 closed with a huge surprise: Mile Morales. Who is this boy? Well, good old Miles is your friend and neighbor Spider-Man. Yes, Miles Morales is also Spider-Man. After the death of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe, a parallel universe of Marvel comics, Miles became the new spider hero of that reality and, incidentally, one of the most popular new characters among fans. After the merger of the two universes in the comics, the popularity of the character has made the publisher decide that both Miles and Peter coexist in the same continuity. Will we see him in action with his spectacular black suit? Will he be the true protagonist of the game, replacing Parker? Will we handle both?


The final wink Is that boy in the cap who accompanies Miles his inseparable comics companion, Ganke?

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