Space Hulk: Tactics release date in October

A new video shows this turn-based strategy video game in action.

On October 9, Space Hulk: Tactics, the ambitious turn-based strategy video game developed by Cyanide, authors among others of the action adventure Of Orcs and Men, who wanted to celebrate the announcement with a new trailer that shows in detail the main characteristics of this title set in the bloody Warhammer universe.

"Space Hulk: Tactics is a faithful adaptation of the board game Space Hulk, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and offers a unique twist on the cult classic formula, "reads the official description of this title for PC, Xbox One and PS4. two campaigns starring the Space Marines or, for the first time in a game of these characteristics, by the fearsome genestealers, this Focus Home production will provide strategy fans with extensive options for personalization to create your own combat squads, modifying not only their special abilities but also the aesthetics of the battle units.

There will be hundreds of cosmetic objects for this purpose, with four divisions of the Space Marines at our fingertips, which will be ideal to differentiate ourselves from other players with whom we can compete in the options competitive multiplayer from Space Hulk: Tactics. The Cyanide video game will also feature a unique card system that will offer new ways to customize combat squads, altering the course of battles thanks to a wide variety of abilities with surprising effects.

Another of the great attractions of the video game has to do with the possibility of creating our own combat scenarios thanks to the map editor that Space Hulk: Tactics includes.

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