Sony: "Outperforming PlayStation 2 is more important than rivalry with Microsoft"

An interview in which the head of PlayStation reviews the market trend changes in recent years.

The boss of the PlayStation division, Andrew House, has spoken in the British medium The Guardian about the recent times of the brand of Sony and how they entered the market with their PlayStation 4. House does not forget the skepticism with which the new generation of consoles was received in November 2013: "In the present generation we are thrown into a significant media skepticism about the role of the consoles on the market. "

There were people who said that home platforms were dead "There were people who said that home platforms were dead," says House, "and that mobile phones and tablets were the only market in existence today. From what I can see, we have returned trust to publishers and community. " To date, PlayStation 4 has managed to sell 30 million machines, and exceeds the sales rate of PlayStation 2, the best-selling console in history: "We are still well ahead of PlayStation 2, which is something that seems more important to me than market share and rivalry with Microsoft. "

The fact that the consoles work well in the market, he says, is a good way to continue to ensure that creatives work and offer the best possible products to users, the biggest beneficiaries of the health of the industry: "It translates into great for gamer. If developers are aware of the user base out there and wanting their video games, the more creative risks they take. They will feel more comfortable launching new licenses, which I think is the lifeblood of the game. the industry".

The new licenses are the lifeblood that makes the industry work On the competition, good words for its namesake on Xbox, Phil Spencer: "Phil Spencer has been very honest from his point of view and approach. A very chivalrous and courteous person with us in step. If you look at what augmented reality is for them and what virtual reality is for us, We are both trying to build a category of our own in the market. What matters is that in the end, we are all trying to create great experiences for the players. "