Sony on the violence of The Last of Us Part 2: "It's part of PlayStation"

In recent days, following the recent trailers, they have been the subject of harsh criticism.

Recently some articles in online magazines like Polygon have harshly accused recent trailers of PlayStation to bet on violence for free. "Stop using extreme violence to sell your game" is the descriptive title by which they bet on this medium to describe the "brutal imagery" that Naughty dog used to present the new clip of The Last of Us: Part II.

From Sony they have not been slow to come out in defense of this type of material. "We have always wanted to have a great variety of content. We seek to offer many choices for the fan," said a Michael Denny who recognizes that there are significant challenges derived from this. "If done properly and targeted to the right audience, mature, harsh or provocative content is part of PlayStation."

The executive also did not miss the opportunity to recall how varied his catalog is to show that not everything is violence or adult content: "If you take a look at Sucker Punch's new game, Ghost of Tsushima, it is a new Triple-A franchise but for its part, Concrete Genie is the opposite: Something creative and innovative. There is also PlayLink, the new games for PS VR… ".