Sony to broadcast live September PlayStation Meeting

It is speculated that it will be the coming-out of the new PlayStation 4 Neo.

Wednesday, September 7 at 3:00 p.m. in New York (9:00 p.m. in Spain), day and time in which we will supposedly know the future of the fourth generation of PlayStation. There is nothing confirmed, but everything suggests that the future PlayStation 4 Neo will be presented in the American city. What it has confirmed Sony is that the event will be broadcast live, so everything indicates that there will be something important to show.

Of PlayStation 4 Neo little is known to this day: all video games that come out on the platform will continue to be compatible with the normal PlayStation 4 and it will improve the overall performance of the platform with virtual reality, but it is more than likely that you have some aces up your sleeve for show yet. The console itself was confirmed Sony before the past E3 2016, fair in which Microsoft presented its counterpart, Project Scorpio.

It remains to wait for Sony to confirm where it will broadcast the event. Will there be advancement in Gamescom? The German fair opens its doors in a week and 3D Games will cover it live.