Sony Acknowledges It Was Wrong With PlayStation VR Sales Estimates

They were overwhelmed by demand for the device and had to delay it until October.

The Japanese company Sony has announced in an interview with the Kinda Funny portal, through its president Shuhei Yoshida, that they were wrong with the initial estimates of PlayStation VR sales, underestimating their demand, which forced them to delay it until the currently planned October.

"We had an internal target that we realized was too small, and that was the reason we delayed the launch to the first half of the year," Yoshida stated. “The hardware development is done and within the plans, but from the business side we realized that we needed more units than were originally anticipated at launch. So the only thing we could do was delay the launch so that we could build more units by day 1 ”.

“Delaying PS VR, however, has offered us some very healthy overtime for the development teams, they have been able to polish the games because the virtual reality It is something very complex and there are a lot of hard problems that we have to solve so that many people have a great experience and can test it, ”said the executive.