Sony will "probably" reject VR games below 60 frames per second

"The frame-rate is very important, you can never go below 60FPS."

The Japanese company Sony has announced through Chris Norden, one of its engineers from its entertainment division, that "probably" they will reject all virtual reality games that are presented for PlayStation VR and that do not reach 60 frames per second.

"The frame-rate is very important, you cannot be below 60fps never, "Norden explained." If you send us a game that's going at 55 or 51 frames per second, we will surely reject it. I know I'm going to take a hit for this, but there's no excuse not to hit the required frame-rate. "

"It is difficult, I will not lie and say that it is extremely easy ... In fact it is very difficult," he continued in words collected by the Gamasutra portal. "But 60 is the only acceptable frame rate, so get it all in your head."