Sony presents the Farpoint VR Challenge in Madrid

It is "a new concept of leisure" that will be held on May 25, 26 and 27.

The division PlayStation in Spain has announced that it will launch on May 25, 26 and 27 in Madrid the Farpoint VR Challenge, a “virtual training center for rescue in space”.

It is a free event that is held on Calle General Lacy 48 in the capital of Spain, and that “will embark its visitors aboard an authentic spaceship where it will instruct them in combat against aliens using the device PlayStation VR, the avant-garde PS VR Aim Controller command-pistol and the arsenal of virtual weapons that it offers, in addition to teaching them to survive in a rescue mission in the depths of space "

"After the training, the visitors will be released onto the battlefield of a desert planet where they will have to face different challenges, in an immersive 360º virtual experience where they will have to rescue their fellow travelers", they announced in a press release. Of course, not without first clarifying that the first morning, the 25th, will be reserved for the press.

Those interested in attending to try the VR Challenge in Madrid should enter the page and request a specific time to test the game.