Sony prepares a PlayStation VR conference in Hong Kong at the end of July

The Japanese company has not confirmed its presence at Gamescom in Cologne yet.

The Animation-Comic-Game from Hong Kong will have an exceptional guest: Sony and your PlayStation VR. Objective? A conference in which news about the device is expected. The company has not specified beyond its presence and the event it prepares for the media and players there, so it could be a mere presentation at the local level, like the one carried out by the company in the past Madrid Games Week that served so that many Spanish players had their first contact with the new hardware.

What is certain is that the release date is coming up and Sony You have yet to explain many of your short-term plans for your VR headset and software. His presence in the Gamescom It has not yet been specified by anyone at the firm, and the idea of ​​creating your own event before the arrival of PlayStation VR is something that has already been put on the table. The Hong Kong event is held between on July 29 and August 2, the conference is scheduled to Thursday July 28. The device will hit stores next October.