Sony concerned about whether it will be able to meet the demand for PlayStation VR

Being a new technology, they admit difficulties in predicting the market response.

Since Sony He remains optimistic about his most imminent bet in hardware territory for next October: PlayStation VR. According to a few words from Andrew HouseCEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the Japanese company may have difficulty meeting demand. Of course, they promise to do everything possible to avoid such a situation.

"Virtual reality is halfway through its childhood. Being something in birth, with new ways of telling stories, it is difficult to predict how the users' response will be, "he argued in an interview with the American news portal CNBC." Obviously we are very excited about the future potential of technology and we believe that the time is right for the construction of a market ", Add.

"But we have to remind ourselves that we are asking for the participation of an audience very different from what has been seen before. The experiences are truly transformative for gaming and will inspire a certain sector. But how big is the audience that remains to be seen?" asks the manager. However, Sony also announces collaboration with different companies to bring their products to virtual reality.