Sony plans to launch a PlayStation VR bundle with PlayStation Camera and Move

For now it will be released in the United States. It does not include a camera because "many people have already bought it."

It has been one of the notes that have most disappointed PlayStation 4 players regarding the price of PlayStation VR: VR hardware will not come with PlayStation Camera, the official camera of the system and essential for the helmet to work on the console. It seems that Sony in the United States takes into account the problem and has confirmed to the American portal TechInsider that a pack of PlayStation VR with camera and Playstation move.

Unfortunately, it has not been specified what price the supposed pack will have or if there is an intention to launch it beyond the European territory. The Americans at Gamespot asked the firm, but could not confirm its arrival in Europe. The one who has spoken is the president of the Sony Worldwide Studio, Shuhei Yoshida, which has explained the reason why Sony decided not to put the camera in the pack: "Many people have already bought it" and it seems that the number is "high enough" for the decision to make sense in the company numbers.

The current price of a PlayStation 4 camera is around 59.99 euros; It is difficult to find a new PlayStation 3 PlayStation Move in specialized stores today, but it could be purchased for about 49.99 euros. It remains to wait for a confirmation to know how much the American pack will cost. The Japanese confirmed price and date for PlayStation VR yesterday at the GDC in San Francisco: 399 euros for next October.