Sony patents a glove-shaped control system designed to take advantage of virtual reality

It would be able to detect the position of the fingers, with which the player could "simulate" for example that he is carrying a pistol.

In mid-March the virtual reality glasses of Sony They will star in an event in which beyond checking the progress of this new device, many hope to finally know the launch date and price of PlayStation VR. And now also, can, a new system of motion control designed to take advantage of this technology.

All this as a result of the registration by Sony, collected by the NeoGAF forums of several patents related to a control device in the form of glove, which would be able to identify and follow the position of the fingers. Something that, following the example of the diagrams attached to the patent, would allow the user to simulate with their fingers the use of objects such as a gun.

The patent description also speaks of using these gloves by "one or more remote users to interact collaboratively by examining documents, screens, applications, diagrams, business information, etc. In this implementation", the description continues, "the users they could use the gloves to touch or move objects, interact with their surfaces, press, squeeze, throw or make similar gestures and movements. " The latter would also be possible thanks to the use of some contact sensors which would determine whether or not the fingers are touching.

The patents were registered in 2014 but it has not been until now that they have been made public.