Sony does not dare to estimate when the end of the console generation will be

"PlayStation 3 was a console beast, but it was very difficult to develop games for it."

The Japanese company Sony has spoken through the mouth of Shuhei Yoshida, the boss of the video game division PlayStation, with the Gameswelt portal on the future of video game consoles from the next generation of machines.

"PlayStation 3 was a beast of a console, but it was very difficult to develop games for it," Yoshida acknowledged about the machine from the previous cycle. "How could we have changed it? It's a difficult question to answer."

"Analysts had talked a lot at the end of the PS3 life about the end of the console generations as we knew them, and things like that ... Then came PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and console games are more popular than ever. I think it is dangerous to talk about the future, "said the executive when asked about the end of the current cycle. "This industry moves so fast that it seems to me that it is one of the reasons why people want so much to try something that is different and that they await us ... And it is because of that uncertainty that I do not dare to predict anything" .