Sony denies changing its censorship policy on PS4

The western version of Devil May Cry 5 was one of the last most notorious cases.

Just a few weeks ago, the peculiar censorship suffered by the western version of DMC5 came to light, prompting a debate about the censorship policy that Sony applies on PS4. It had changed? Had she become more strict? From the Japanese company they assure that there have been no changes in this regard; his policy remains the same as ever.

What an internal source from Sony to the GameSpark portal does emphasize is that they are being stricter when it comes to applying rules that were present for a long time. Always attending to this information, Sony would like to make PlayStation a home for all kinds of players, which would explain why the Japanese are more strict when it comes to intervening when there is violent or sexual content in their video games.

Returning to the theme of Devil May Cry 5, Capcom's video game ended up eliminating western censorship on PS4, so now the game looks exactly the same as the original version from Japan and the rest of the platforms.

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