Sony does not even consider creating an Elite version of its DualShock 4

Microsoft released a revision of its controller dedicated to the most enthusiastic gamers.

Mark Cerny, one of the minds behind the architecture of Playstation 4, has confirmed to the American media The Verge that there are no plans to launch or develop a version Elite of DualShock 4, the official command of your current generation console. He assured that "we want to maintain PlayStation 4 as a unified user base."

He commented that "we need to be careful about what we improve on our controller, but that's not one of the things we're going to do at the moment." DualShock 4 has recently been updated with some changes, but far from living up to a supposed Elite version.

Microsoft presented his Elite controller at the E3 2015. Its objective is none other than to offer control alternatives that meet the demands of the most enthusiastic players in the market. Its price is around 150 euros, a circumstance that has not prevented it from selling more than one million units.