Sony: "The reception of PS4 Pro has been very good"

Mark Cerny ensures that development teams are "excited" about the console.

After six months on the market ... how is PS4 Pro doing? One of the main architects of the machine, Mark Cerny, assures that "the reception has been very good" and it is something that is in line with the growing interest of consumers in 4K televisions. "As for games," continues the director of Knack, "I am particularly impressed with Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is very nice on the standard PS4, but it looks wonderful on PS4 Pro. "

The creative, who has not missed the opportunity to also recommend enjoying some of the most outstanding virtual reality titles such as Farpoint from PlayStation VR. "When creating new hardware, one of our goals is to make it as easy as possible for development studios. Most of the designers I have been able to talk to," he says, "are excited about how the console works." because they believe that with PS4 Pro, they will be able to better achieve the vision they have for their games.

A good example, adds Mark Cerny, is found in Gran Turismo Sport, which takes advantage of the technical improvements of the console to improve its rate of images per second and resolution. Something that Kazunori Yamauchi himself, director of this driving video game, appreciates a lot.

With more than 60 million consoles sold worldwide, Sony has not detailed how many of them correspond to the PS4 Pro model.