Sony justifies the absence of price and date for PlayStation VR at CES 2016

According to Kaz Hirai, they weren't at the right event to talk about the product.

Everything seemed to indicate that the movement and confirmation of the price of Oculus Rift it would be what would encourage other companies to move to do the same. The eyes of many players were on Sony and its PlayStation VR for PlayStation 4. In full celebration of 2016 Las Vegas CES, the Japanese company has not wanted to talk about it. The CEO of Sony Corporation, Kaz hirai, has talked about it and has justified the absence of ads.

In words to the Japanese portal AV Watch, the Nevada event was not the right one to talk about PlayStation VR and its immediate future in terms of what it will cost and when it will arrive. The businessman specifies that since it is a device focused on the world of video games, events such as the E3, GDC or Tokyo Game Show they are more appropriate for making announcements of the present type. Will it be time to wait until March for the GDC? Or will we have to wait until June to know the price? It remains to wait for new news.

PlayStation VR is Sony's bet on PlayStation 4 for virtual reality. After many years of waiting, it seems that 2016 has started strong enough to confirm that 2016 is the year of VR devices. Many developers are working on exclusive playable productions for the current generation Japanese system.