Sony Japan does not want PlayStation VR to remain a fad

The SCEJA president highlights some key points about the future of your virtual reality.

The president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia, Atsushi Morita, has spoken with Famitsu about virtual reality of Sony and PlayStation VR. The key that is being considered in the Japanese company is to make the user believe that virtual reality is within the game and create experiences that extend over the next few times, not to remain in a passing fad as has happened with other accessories in the video game industry.

They hope that PlayStation VR will be a bridge for other users to end up with a PlayStation 4. It is an experience, says the businessman, which must go hand in hand. Sony is hard at work on the promotional work, and wants all users interested in testing the accessory to be able to do so at the different points where they are showing the device. The objective is to take it to stores and to the different events that take place in the Asian continent.

Finally, he talked about developers of experiences and games for virtual reality. He has been clear about it: whether the world of VR is interesting or not will depend, entirely, on the imagination of video game developers. The company is not closed to experiences far from traditional games, and is already planning ideas for what will come and what may be sold in the future. The launch and price of PlayStation VR, unfortunately, is unknown today.